Under the term of vacuum forming we are referring to the technology which starts with the even heating of the to be formed, usually more than 1 mm thick sheet then continues with the pre-stretching and forming of the it with the usage of vacuum that sucks the sheet onto the positive or negative type mold where the product receives its final shape after appropriate cooling.

The most frequently used base materials are impact-resistant PS and ABS, however, our machines are suitable, through additional equipment, for processing other materials too, which are more difficult to process by the vacuum moulding technology, such as PMMA, PET , PVC, PC, PE and PP up to even 6 mm in thickness. The sheets we use are very frequently individually coloured, coextruded, with structured surfaces, or some of their properties may be modified, like they are fire-resistant, or antistatic. In order to ensure complex service offering, we manufacture also the production tools necessary for the vacuum-moulding tasks.

Today these vacuum-moulding tools are also manufactured by the CAD-CAM technology, by computer-aided design, and by CNC machining, in our tool-making workshop. In most cases products made with vacuum forming can only be called semi-finished products that have to be precisely machined by our machining centers to reach their final form. One of our machining center is a 5-axis machine which we use to machine complex 3D shaped products with high precision.

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    • OTV – waffle container with 2 cavities

    • EOPP 650 50/50 divided tray
    • Zsanéros műanyag doboz
      ZW – hinged box

    • EPP 650 black tray

    • EOPP 650 60/40 divided tray
    • zsanéros doboz
      Z1-A – hinged box

    • HDF – low round ribbed container

    • JF – lid for J1 box