Contact information

Telephone : + 36 1 339 68 41
Fax: +36 1 330 53 01

Headquarter address: Ady Endre utca 2. H-2233 Ecser, Hungary
Production site and mailing address: Ady Endre utca 2. H-2233 Ecser, Hungary
Warehouse base address: Szondi utca 6. H-8132 Lepsény, Hungary

Company information

Pro-Form Ltd.

VAT number: 10671203-2-13
EU VAT number: HU10671203
Company registration number: 13-09-194351
Sedex membership number: S408321799640
FELÍR number: AA3386617

Sale of our own products

We are waiting for your inquiry about the sale of our standard assortment at our production site Ady Endre utca 2. H-2233 Ecser, Hungary or please contact our sales management through the following availabilities:

Zsolt Kurucsai
Sales manager
+36 20 319 07 33

Our opening time for standard assortment sale:
Monday-Friday: 8.00–15.00

We are open for the expansion of our wholesale network by involving further partners.

Development of unique products

Our specialized colleagues – shown below – look forward to helping you in finding the best solution in case of a development of any unique packing related the range of our technologies and product lines.

Péter Edelstein
Project Manager
+36 20 264 18 17

Attila Nagy
Project Manager
+36 20 555 28 30

Zsolt Tölgyesy
Project Manager
+36 20 962 27 80

Opening time of our office at Ecser:
Monday-Friday: 8.00-16.00

Opening time of our warehouse at Ecser:
Monday-Friday: 7.00-15.00