With the use of our pressureforming technology representing the highest engineering standards we manufacture plastic boxes for storing food in refrigerators that can be put into microwave ovens. The boxes are available with single and divided spaces and can be used primarily for home delivery of cold and hot dishes in a hygienic and aesthetic manner. In addition to that, the boxes can be used for vacuum and gas barrier packaging of fresh meat, vegetable and cheese.

These are available mainly in white, black and yellow colour and usually are between 0,4-0,8 mm in thickness. The PP films all comply with food industry requirements and are formed by our contact or radiant heating, automatic pressureforming machines. The boxes can be sealed with protective foils by welding them together creating an airtight packaging unit.

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    • X1F – lid for X1

    • EOPP 750 70/30 divided tray
    • zsanéros doboz
      Z1-A – hinged box

    • MVF – lid for MV

    • Z4 – hinged box

    • TSZ – divided sandwich box

    • Z6 – lid for Z6 container

    • Z2 – hinged box