Nowadays the world we live and work in is formed by ever increasing demographic changes, globalization and the growing pace of the climate change. We feel that during our business activity we have a special mission to take both social and economic responsibility thereby we can contribute to the conception of sustainable development.

In our business activity, we feel to be our mission the liability for society and ecology. Our produced waste are handled in a selective way, reproduced as our opportunities allows, thereby we can consciously reduce the load of environment by decreasing the ever increasing speed of hydrocarbon exploitation. We take part in innovative European projects, examining the productivity and application of plastics which degrade in a biological way, helping the expansion of bio-based plastics which will have key importance in the future.

We maintain more helping relationship with higher education institutions. This is how we help the youngsters in the acquisition of professional knowledge, and employment of those who deserve it, so new opportunities are offered for their success.

Here at Pro-Form Ltd. the environmentally conscious thinking is fully integrated into our strategic stance, it is not only a resounding philosophy.