Pro-Form Ltd. is a firm in Hungarian private ownership, which looks back more than 30 years in the area of processing thermoplastic polymers. Its activity was started with vacuum forming, but due to our customers’ demand and the eternal improving intention coming from inside, nowadays four thermoplastic processing technologies are used by us.

With pressure forming we produce single use packaging products, boxes, pots, dessert-box inlays and trays made of various materials  for the food industry mainly for confectionery, snack meal, public catering and bakery industry with wide type and size varieties.Our pressure forming technology represents prominent technical level, due to this fact we can make our products economically with short lead time, huge productivity and excellent quality in the case of small and big series as well.

With vacuum-moulding we produce housings for industrial instrumentation, parts for the automotive- and lighting industry, construction-industry and sanitary products, storing and transport trays for single- and multi-time usage, commodity display parts, bubble- and blister packaging materials for industrial packaging applications.

We use our increased foil and sheet extrusion capacity for satisfying our own needs but we can offer our free capacities in accordance for our new and existing partners, mainly for advertising boards, various covering units, swimming pool uses and vacuum industry.

Based on our high-tech injection moulding technology our company manufactures fancy boxes in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colours. During the development of these products our designers have considered the aesthetic appearance and the claims of our market partners. For our fancy boxes we manufacture of course blister trays too for packaging chocolates and other confectionery products.

One of our main aspiration is that our company, next to the main thermoplastic forming activities, wants to complete its service with innovation to support our partners. In order to this, we created a group which involves engineer colleagues, and a well equipped tool making manufactory. Our product and tool developing department, supports our costumers concept with three-dimensional designing and with technical consultation and tool making with CNC machine which is computer controlled.

The specialists of Pro-Form Ltd., in case of individual packaging and product improving demand, takes part from designing stadium in the development of a product in collaboration  with you. This is how the new product will be „Suitable and well designed“. We provide complex service to our partners.

Due to our internal motivation and the incoming pressure from our multinational partners found in our client list we audited ourselves in 2001 by the ISO 9001 quality management standard, then by the ISO 14001 environmental management standard as well as by the ISO 22000 food safety management standard. Due to these standards we managed to build up a complex control and food safety management system in our company that is inevitable for us to prevail on the market and to reach our goals. With only focusing on our goals in 2016 we have been successfully audited by the latest, fifth edition of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) global food safety standard which currently has the highest quality requirements in the food industry. We achieved the prestigious GRADE A certification which ensures our current and future partners that our ordinary and biodegradable disposable, microwaveable, weldable boxes and box inlays made by extrusion and thermoforming for food and non food packaging represent the highest hygienic and quality standards. We also have SEDEX certification that ensures that we do our business operations ethically and responsibly. Due to our intrinsic needs to perform better and better we continuously executed developments that helped us to increase our income year by year thus lead us to be in top position among European dessert inlay producers for the confectionery industry. Thanks to the continuous expansion of our production and warehouse capacities now we have more than 6500 m2 of production and 8500 m2 of warehouse area.