Pressureforming is a similar technology like vacuum forming but during pressureforming the heated plastic sheets or films are not only sucked into the mold cavity by vacuum but they are pressed into the cavity from the other side by pressurized air which makes the technology ideal to make products with more correct contour than with the usage of vacuum forming. Unlike vacuum forming where we usually use thicker sheets for pressureforming we use films with no more than 1,5 mm in thickness that leads to lower cycle times.

We usually use PET and PP for this technology and for PP we have machines that are equipped with pre-heaters due to the material’s difficult heating properties. With pressureforming we produce dessert and box inlays, blisters, disposable boxes, microwaveable and also weldable boxes. These products are meant to be used in the following industry sectors: food and within that mainly the confectionery industry, automotive industry as well as household and chemical industry.

In the case of individual package-developing tasks, our professionals work in close co-operation with the relevant people of the customer on developing the product from the early, design phase. This way the resultant product will be “suitable and plastic-like”. The design work is done by a 3D computer-aided design programme. In our workshop we use CNC machining technology, through which we manufacture production tools quickly and in a reliable quality, providing this way complex service to our partners.

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    • T 23 – cake container (tray + lid)

    • EPP 1000 black tray

    • EOPP 650 60/40 black divided tray

    • Z2 – hinged box

    • ZOPP 400 60/40 divided tray

    • EPP 750 tray

    • OTV – waffle container with 2 cavities

    • HF – lid for H box