Complex service offering
In plastic processing, our company offers complex services to its customers ranging from the product development phase, through designing and manufacturing the tools, to the production of high-quality products through several basic technologies of the plastic industry.

Product development
In our development projects, we work in close cooperation with our customers in designing plastic products, taking into consideration the aspects of technology, usage, economy and environmental impacts. In numerous cases we launch our own product-development projects on the basis of market needs we learn from our customers, through our vendors, or which arise by any other ways.

Design of tools
Our engineers do the design of production tools on the basis of the product drawing or the 3D model being available as a result of the product development work; computer-aided design tools are used by our engineers for this task.

Manufacturing of tools
The CAD-system we use, supported by a CAM system, enables us to produce high-precision tools for the injection moulding, air-pressure, and vacuum moulding technologies; we are able to install these tools in production applications on a competitive price; with short lead time and in high quality.


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    • FF – lid for F box

    • GT – mushroom container

    • KP2 tray

    • LPP 400 tray

    • HDV – low round ribbed container

    • ZOPP 400 60/40 divided tray

    • GN – mushroom container

    • EPP 650 tray (RDK)