During plastic extrusion which is a continuous forming technology the plastic material goes through the heated extruder barrel due to the rotary motion of the screw and by the time it reaches the forming tool it is in a homogeneous molten state. Then it is forced by high pressure to flow through the forming die that gives this molten plastic a flat shape. Then it goes through a three roll calendar system and a cooling bracket receiving its final theoretically endless sheet or film form and it also helps to gain dimensional stability.

At the end of the extruder line the film is winded up in roll form or in case of sheet it is cut and stacked. The machinery available presently of the company allows the production of plastic foils and sheets by 4 complete extruder lines at Pro Form Ltd´s extrusion plant. The raw materials processed by our machines are: GPPS, HIPS, ABS, PP, HDPE, PET as well as their versions with plastic additives or some other modificated types. The thickness of roll goods to be formed can be selected in the range from 0,2 mm to 8 mm. We are able to process sheets finished with smooth or structured surface, just like mono- layer or multi- layer versions. Surface treatments such as corona treatment or protective film are also available at our company. Besides processing a huge raw material stock for Pro Form Ltd´s own plants we offer our free extruding capacity as well to realize the foil or sheet needs of our partners. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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    • KP2 tray

    • LPP 500 – soup tray

    • FF – lid for F box

    • ZOPP 400 50/50 divided tray

    • TK – small cake lid for TA

    • Heart inlay for Heart Box, 14 cavities

    • EOPP 650 50/50 black divided tray

    • EPP 500 tray