We mostly manufacture commodity offering trays, displays and boards for the advertising industry but we are open for any unique ideas. These typically 1-6 mm thick products are formed from PS and ABS sheets with vacuum forming technology.  We use our 5-axis machining center and special cutting tools to provide dimensional accuracy for these products. Thanks to the high thickness of the products they can be used for years.

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  • EOPP_850_50_50_osztott_muanyag_doboz_RDK
    EOPP 850 50/50 (RDK) divided tray
  • HDVF_fedel
    HDVF – lid for HD, ribbed containers
  • X1F_fedel
    X1F – lid for X1
  • EPP_500_muanyag_doboz
    EPP 500 tray
  • Tojas_diszdoboz_froccsontott
    Egg Box (bottom + top + separator)
  • LPP_350_muanyag_doboz
    LPP 350 tray
  • HF_fedel
    JF – lid for J1 box
  • T23_tortatarto_doboz
    T 23 – cake container (tray + lid)