(Magyar) Sikeres Preview technikai előadás Hágában


Recently we have participated at a technical workshop in Hague held in the framework of the international innovation project called Preview. In addition to the partners of the consortium members of the industrial sector, research facilities and the press were also present at the workshop. During the almost half-day long event thanks to the presentations and technical demonstrations the participants were able to get a closer look on what the consortium have achieved in the last three years. It was a very successful workshop and the participants left with satisfaction after the interactive discussion at the end.

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    • L3 – 3-liter-box

    • SM – container for cookies

    • ZSF – lid for ZS, ZS3 boxes

    • MTV1 – low clear raspberry box

    • X3F – lid for X3

    • A lid for B,C,D boxes

    • Heart inlay for Heart Box, 14 cavities

    • B – box