We offer our logistic trays for the electronics, automotive, confectionary, household and chemical industry as well as for healthcare uses. These trays can be used for internal or external uses. In case of internal uses the trays are usually for transporting semi-finished products from one processing station to another. We make our trays from PS, ABS, PC, PET, PP or HDPE sheets with 0,2-6 mm thickness range.

Based on pre-arranged requirements the logistic trays can be applied with ESD protection thus the products that are sensitive to electrostatic discharges will be protected by the end of the distribution system. They can also be made of soft materials such as ABS/TPU that prevents the products from scratching during transportation. We use our 5-axis machining center and special cutting tools to provide dimensional accuracy for these products. Thanks to our high precision and several decades of experience we gained in the field of vacuum forming our produced logistic trays can be used in highly automated plants where these trays are moved by robots.

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  • Z1_doboz_tetovel
    Z1 – hinged box
  • KSZ6_doboz
    KSZ6 – inlay with 6 cavities
  • GK_muanyag_doboz
    GK – mushroom container
  • Tojas_diszdoboz_froccsontott
    Egg Box (bottom + top + separator)
  • LPP_400_muanyag_doboz
    LPP 400 tray
  • EOPP_750_50_50_osztott_muanyag_doboz_oval
    EOPP 750 50/50 oval divided tray
  • SZD3_doboz_haromszog_nagy
    SZD3 – big sandwich box, triangle
  • KSZ8_doboz
    KSZ8 – inlay with 8 cavities