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Non-refundable EU subsidy won by Pro-Form Ltd.

2018.01.25. Press release Pro-Form Ltd. has got 262,98 million HUF non-refundable EU subsidy for an R&D project that aims to develop multi-layer packaging products made from special recycled PET waste material. The project which will be accomplished at our plant located in Ecser will last for two years and is expected to end on 31st October More...

The story about Rafael Nadal’s tennis racket

2018.01.19. On the MTVA (Media Services and Support Trust Fund) charity event called „Good to be good” the managing director of Pro-Form Ltd., Árpád Mihályfi was an active donating participant, who aided the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta and has brought the dedicated tennis racket of ranked world No.1 Rafael Nadal, as a More...

(Magyar) Sikeres Preview technikai előadás Hágában

2017.12.20. Recently we have participated at a technical workshop in Hague held in the framework of the international innovation project called Preview. In addition to the partners of the consortium members of the industrial sector, research facilities and the press were also present at the workshop. During the almost half-day long event thanks to the presentations More...

Attending at Preview technical workshop in The Hague

2017.11.17. For almost four years we we have been a member of PPEVIEW project as an end user which aims to develop cutting edge technological solutions for injection moulding setup and process optimisation using recommended machine parameters to minimise manufacturing downtime. As the project is about to finish at the end of this year and it More...
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(Magyar) KMOP-2013-1.2.1

2016.09.21. Sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian. More...

(Magyar) KMOP-1.1.4

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian. More...
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  • SV – container for pickles

  • LUV – box

  • X3 – big tray for cold dish

  • ZSF – lid for ZS, ZS3 boxes

  • MTF1 – low white raspberry box

  • J1 – ice cream cup

  • Bonbonier Box (bottom + top + separator)

  • DQ2 – round container for salads